Tax Planning

The high tax charges that commercial, industrial and services companies are used to pay, and also constant economical crisis, followed by very long and extended recession periods, make more and more necessary a tax planning program, so as not only to reduce the usual tax charges, but also to obtain the reimbursement or redress of the taxes wrongly or illegally collected by the Government.
In these days economical policy states a taxation system that in several occasions do not respect Countries´Foundation Acts, so an efficient and legal tax planning, supported by legal and accountant assistance, can only carry benefits to the companies.
The tax rengineering is a work concept that gathers a revision of the last years owed tax duties with a planning of the future incidences, that provide companies´ cash flow improvements, with a real reduction of the products´ costs and of the tax duties.
The higher and quickier the Government insists in collecting tax duties, the more it troubles the serious enterprisers willing to avoid the ominous results born with tax duties´ absence of payment, as for instance the distraint followed by legal actions to force the payment either by appropriation of companies´ goods or of companies´ directors properties.
Difficulties in obtaining terms and facilities for the payment, and even risk of criminal legal actions because of misappropriation or tax witholding agent´s absence of payment.
The tax rengineering program has a particular target. It is designed to avoid preventing or making difficult the normal business development, or even putting the patrimony at risk.
Taking profit of credits, redresses, taxes revision and fiscal incentives, business viability can be attained and also various ways of increasing companies´ commercial operations can be drawn.