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Why to found Offshore Companies

The higher the tax charges are in certain countries, the higher the companiesĀ“ and the individualsĀ“ interest in investing abroad is, because an important number of factors as strong currencies, economical and politic stability, tax exemptions and lower income tax,


Advantages and Benefits. Low Cost of Incorporation

A) General Advantages and Benefits. Several advantages and benefits arise from the conditions that the Uruguayan legal system provides to all types of companies. There is no restriction in relation with the number of Directors, the company can have one


Uruguay: Absence of Heritage Tax

URUGUAY: Uruguay is a latinamerican country which area is of approximately 176.000 km2 and with a population that scarcely surpasses 3 million inhabitants, geographically located between Argentina and Brazil, with its coast over the Atlantic Ocean. Uruguayan population has its


Trade Marks, Patents and Industrial Designs

We are a Law Firm dedicated to counseling in the registration and renewal of rights on your mark, clear, industrial design, software, right of author, intellectual property. Trade mark registered, titles of origin, industrial designs, transfer of technology, right of


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Tax Planning

The high tax charges that commercial, industrial and services companies are used to pay, and also constant economical crisis, followed by very long and extended recession periods, make more and more necessary a tax planning program, so as not only